churning out a measly 5000 word dissertation shouldn’t be this tedious

day ?? of no student finance: am ready to gnaw my own arm off with a side of museli


Well, there’s this.

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Shirley MacLaine in What A Way To Go! (1964)

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The urgency of the war, along with changing conceptions of women’s roles in society, meant that the U.S. military enlisted the help of thousands of women. In fact, about 350,000 women served in the armed forces […] When women shipped off, they took cosmetics with them into battle. Lipstick was one of the ways these women defined themselves; to them it signaled femininity and strength. (full quote at sarriane)

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praying 4 more shots of sebastian’s thighs in cap3


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honestly though seeing year 7s at school lug their huge backpacks to class whilst ninja running was one of the reasons why id get up in the morning

on one hand i desperately want the captain america shield backpack but on the other i don’t want to relive my year 7 days


My brother drew alpacas for me he’s 9 I literally can not breath from laughing so hard what is going on in these pictures

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Hayley Atwell laying waste to the Agent Carter set: A Timeline

One woman wrecking crew

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real heaven

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