[exasperated 90s sitcom character voice] magNetoooo



imagine the avengers playing hide and seek and bucky is always a master at hiding so steve uses a metal detector to find him

"Bucky you’re in the couch."

Muffled swearing

is anyone ever overwhelmed at how stupid you can be at times

for instance i just wrinkled my nose and was suprised at the strong waft of coffee whilst sitting in starbucks


My grandmother always had one of these in her purse…


s i gh s



~Must protect Bucky~

All I want in life…

hides in pillows so i dont have to do things


he may be a ninety six year old soviet master assassin sniper with two dozen confirmed political kills that could kill me with the littlest finger on his bionic metal arm in my sleep but he is too precious for this world and must be protected at all costs

The Avengers: Age of Derping

they all look SO GOOD stevies new outfit looks SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD YAAAAAAAS !!!!!STEVE!!!!DAMN!!!!!