fashion encyclopedia: Ashi Studio fall 2015 couture

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crosses fingers omg

You know… it’s so funny how noisy my brain is and… everyone’s brain is noisy. It’s what it does, it makes thoughts. And the problem is, I think in most of our lives, the root of suffering is following that brain noise and listening to that brain noise and actually identifying with it as if it’s who you are. That’s just the noise your brain makes, you know… And, more often than not, it probably doesn’t have much to say that’s gonna help you(x)

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Cover art by Robert Bonfils for Bar Broad by Allan Horne,1964 (via)

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chlo said she dreamt that i met sebstan the other night what the fuck

#actual puppy sebastian stan

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how to seduce me in one easy step:

  1. metal arm

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Me and my big ole’ forehead would like to wish you a happy Thursday ;) of course made infinitely better by @limecrimemakeup Salem velvetines matte lipstick ;) can’t wait to put in my next order ;) #redhead #ginger #pale #limecrime #makeup #inked #retro #vintage #bodymods #altmodel #curvy #curls

Dolce and Gabbana fall 2013

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your face is adorable and i can't fucking handle it — Anonymous

that is the face of FEAR u SICKO (thank u)

i was just about to doze off until the biggest fuck off spider crawled onto my pillow … im now sleeping in the living room … will be burning my bedroom first thing tomorrow morning