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Me and my big ole’ forehead would like to wish you a happy Thursday ;) of course made infinitely better by @limecrimemakeup Salem velvetines matte lipstick ;) can’t wait to put in my next order ;) #redhead #ginger #pale #limecrime #makeup #inked #retro #vintage #bodymods #altmodel #curvy #curls

Dolce and Gabbana fall 2013

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your face is adorable and i can't fucking handle it — Anonymous

that is the face of FEAR u SICKO (thank u)

i was just about to doze off until the biggest fuck off spider crawled onto my pillow … im now sleeping in the living room … will be burning my bedroom first thing tomorrow morning





Made me cringe

Nice Guy Gamer

Friendly reminder to avoid any dude who proudly describes themselves as a “gamer.”

I am so sorry women have to go through this shit.

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Emma + fans

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fixed (◠ω◠✿)

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living with just my mum is terrible because i can’t just eat all the good food and blame it on someone else

i’ll be seeing you; mournful love songs for lost friends; [listen]

  1. i’ll never smile again (until i smile at you); anne shelton
  2. i’m always chasing rainbows; judy garland
  3. ev’ry time we say goodbye; maxine sullivan
  4. but not for me; ella fitzgerald
  5. someday (you’ll want me to want you); the mills brothers
  6. more than you know; mario lanza
  7. i don’t see me in your eyes anymore; perry como
  8. gloomy sunday; billie holiday
  9. you don’t know what love is; nina simone
  10. it’s all over by the crying; the ink spots
  11. i won’t cry anymore; eileen wilson
  12. i’ll be seeing you; billie holiday

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Chris Evans has been known to grab people’s left boob, so my question for both of you is have you ever had your left boob grabbed by Chris Evans? (x)

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i forgot how shit my theme is


I often forget that superheroes are supposed to be these hyper-masculine male fantasies because I spend so much time talking about their emotional vulnerabilities and imagining them in lacy thongs

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